Two turtles entangled in ghost fishing nets,
the left is still alive and has good luck, that she is going to be rescued right now

They are turtles with a hard fate, eagerly trying to recover from their injuries and diseases. Some of them have small wishes, others big ones, ranging from a vet treatment, medication, after recovery a flight home to the Maldivian sea, two new artificial front flippers after losing their own in ghost fishing nets and some research for better help. With your money you can fulfil their dreams! Please help them now by sending any amount you love to.

Most of them were found trapped in ghost fishing nets, i.e. abandoned fishing nets, in Maldives, as you see in the picture above.

Entangled in the nets some of them lost flippers because the net cut too deeply the turtle’s tissues. And since their stay in the net, maybe already before, nobody knows, the turtles can’t dive anymore. They float on the water surface, unable to submerge. Which makes their carapace skin dry, which makes the turtles unable to catch their food and what makes some of them lying sadly and without moving on the water surface. It’s sad to see.

Zahiya was our saddest patient in Maldives.

She really suffered and often was lying apathetically on the water surface. frown

Lacking a vet in Maldives and other facilities, i.e. bigger pools, Marinesavers, the Maldivian project which cared for the turtles, brought them to Europe in the hope vets and caretakers can treat the turtles, help them, and later release them, sending them back to Maldives.


And what would they love to do if they had a bit of your money?

Learn how their life is and what would make it better!


Peggy looking out of the water to take a breath

Peggy progresses daily in diving a bit deeper in the Aquarium of the zoo „Pairi Daiza“, Brussels, Belgium. Once she perfectionated her diving she wishes for a return flight to go home to the Maldivian Sea. If you like visit her and be happy with her about each daily progress in diving. Once she will fly home, wave her good-bye! And leave her some coins for her return-ticket.

Good news: Her return-ticked is already paid! smile


Kerry when I cared for her in Maldives

Kerry would love to go home! She is also floating. She loves to scratch and shower her dry skin in the Aquarium „Den Blaa Planet“ in Copenhagen, Denmark. She found lovely caretakers who walk in her shoes and do everything that she feels fine. But she would like to dive again, too, and go home to Maldives. If you like, visit her, too, and learn about the problems of a sad floating turtle. Support her with some Euros to get vet treatments, x-raying, diving-training and a return flight home.


Elsa always has good humour though she misses her two front flippers

Elsa is feeling at home with her new stingray friend and several colourful fishes in the Aquarium „Okeanarium“, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Though she lost both front flippers in the ghost fishing net she eagerly swims and jigs around. Meet her in Okeanarium and see how she never loses good humour.  But some of her turtle friends in the world find life without front flippers is sometimes a bit complicated. They would be happy about artificial flippers which science today can already provide. So Elsa would be happy if you visit her – and leave for her turtle friends some coins here for who would be so happy to have new flippers. She herself is very happy and glad to avoid the big surgery and the pain she would have. So she would love to give your gift to her friends for who new flippers would be a relieve.

Ossy & Luo Ma

Ossy is happy to be released to the ocean laughing

Luo Ma healthy and finally free on her way
from the beach into the waves laughing

Ossy and Luo Ma had good luck: They are both able to dive again. You can meet them if you go diving somewhere in Maldives and hope for a big bit of luck. They wish for a plastic-free world without fishing nets they could entangle in and without floating plastic which looks as if you could eat it and later causes big stomach pain. If you want to help them leave some money for our efforts to support a plastic-free world.

Zahiya & La Petite

Zahiya had 4 lovely life decades out in the ocean before she had to suffer a lot

La Petite got her saline solution when she arrived in our turtle station

Zahiya and La Petite you will meet once in heaven. We did our very best and gave them all our love, but that wasn’t enough. Before they came sick to us they lived a long and happy wild life. They wish for money to help all the others, that their death, investigated by necropsy, makes a deeper sense.

Lots of turtles worldwide have eaten plastic pieces and hope for underwater ultrasound diagnostic to locate the plastic and find out its size. Kathy Townsend, researcher from Queensland University, Australia is already helping by developing a device in cooperation with Cambridge University. So the turtles would love to heal from floating already in the early stages by a combination of laxatives and antibiotics. And go home to the open Sea. With a few Euros you help Kathy to realise the ultrasound device.

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You can also give directly to the Floating Turtles Gift Account in EUR here:
Account owner: Maren Hövel
IBAN: DE92 3804 0007 0244 3836 04


KERRY and PEGGY send you a big, big „Thank you so much! We would love so much to dive and see the turquoise Sea again with their colourful fishes and corals. We are so happy about your gift.“

ELSA says: „Thank you so much, with your help my turtle friends can finally swim so much better with artificial flippers. You help my friends so much, you can’t imagine! Did you know, that our front flippers are the motors, whilst for swimming curves and turn around we use our hind flippers like the rudder of a ship to swim curves?“

Go diving, turtles, and fly home. And live a long, lovely life! 


Maren with a fruit bat baby on her shoulder, 
it had lost its mother and had tried to hold on Maren’s nose  laughing

My name is Maren. Grown up in a small German village with a lot of animals around, I developed to kind of a „natural animal saviour“. Listening to the nonverbal language of animals I again and again took sick wild animals which crossed my way asking for help. I examined and found out what exactly they suffered of, let them treat by vets and successfully released them to the wild.

In 2015 I discovered the Maldivian project Marinesavers which plants corals and rescues Sea Turtles. There I cared for the turtles Zahiya, Kerry, Peggy, La Petite, Elsa, Ossy and Luo Ma. Ossy suddenly was able to dive again, you see her in the picture with the red ball. We all were very happy about her surprising healing, and Ossy was released to the lovely Maldivian Sea. Luo Ma also went home to the ocean, fully recovered. Elsa can dive but lost both front flippers, so she lives now happily in the Saint Petersburg Okeanarium, diving around, living in a friendship with a stingray and others. La Petite had very bad luck: She was one of the flying turtles and died a few weeks after her arrival in the zoo in quarantine.

I love the sea a lot! laughing

In May/June 2019 I am speaker about turtles and their „plastic diseases“ in the „A Solution To Plastic Pollution Online Summit“. For the audience and all interested people I created this turtle’s money pot.

This is the gift link for PayPal for all currencies.
You can also give directly to the Floating Turtles Gift Account in EUR here:
Account owner: Maren Hövel
IBAN: DE92 3804 0007 0244 3836 04


I am afraid I am not a Non-Profit-Organisation, just a private person deeply committed by heart in helping turtles. So unfortunately I cannot provide a tax-deducting receipt. In the sense of law money you send to me for the turtles is a gift, not a donation. I hope you love to help the turtles though which hope so much to dive, go home, get ultrasound or artificial flippers. I send you my and the turtles’ thank you and all my love.